The work and adventures of Ellie Doney while staying with us here at HeadSpace.
7th October – 17th November 2010

Blog 1 – Osaka Carnival Badges
“…I saw the opportunity to make my own mash-up badges from the existing mix of little plastic souvenirs sold in vending machines…”

Blog 2 – Blue Mountain
“…a strange sort of sublime piece of powerful nature in an otherwise desolate and geometric urban landscape…”

Blog 3 – Urban Camouflage
“…it seems that yellow and black, as well as a warning sign, is a kind of urban camouflage…”

Blog 4 – Nothing To See Here
“…Tarpaulin covered objects in the brightest colours still manage to say ‘nothing to see here’…”

Blog 5 – Immortality
“…A lot of symbolism in Japan focuses on the passage of time, the ephemeral nature of things…”

Blog 6 – Collaboration
“Headspace is such a great place to meet artists and interesting people…”

Blog 7 – Colour

Blog 8 – That is beautiful. can i eat it?

Blog 9 – HeadSpace 2
“A visit to the soon to be Headspace HQ 2!…”

Blog 10 – People
“One of the best things about headspace is its artists community…”

Blog 11 – Collaboration
“I met up with fashion/textile designer Yoshi-wo at Headspace, and a collaboration was born…”