Anrick is an interactive director and artist who makes web based stories, ads with unit9, and installation artwork as part of Tango & Hawaii.

“The project I created during my time at Headspace is simple in it’s premise and execution. In fact it’s a literal translation of my experience. It is the product of simply taking a moment to myself every day and observing one thing. To stay in one single place for a small period of time. I wanted to capture some of those colours and sounds I saw around me, and I wanted to use them to spell out what they gave me. Literally.”
~ Anrick Bregman

1_HHH 2_EEE 3_AAA 4_DDD 5_SSS 6_PPP 7_AAA 8_CCC 9_EEE 10_NNN 11_OOO 12_WWW