HeadSpace is now closed.

HeadSpace ran an international artist residency and events in Japan. The residency, based at Kayamori House, was a place for artists to relax and let new ideas take form in the mountains of Nara. Our arts and music focused events took place in various galleries and venues throughout the Kansai custom writing essay region.

HeadSpace was born in 2009 in Nara City when Lee Walton and Jamie Goodenough renovated the second floor of Lee’s bar into a studio / gallery space. Since then HeadSpace has been constantly evolving and growing. cold press hydraulic juicer Over the years HeadSpace has run arts and music events in Nara and Osaka, been awarded funding from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and helped to bring some amazingly talented artists to Japan from all over the world.

Jamie is a video installation artist from the Royal College of Art (London). Lee is a linguist, live hot chat musician, and artist. Both Jamie and Lee live and work in Kansai and have been in Japan for 7 and 10 years respectively.